Be a Lifesaver – get a Free Naloxone Kit

Would you like to have the ability to save someone’s life?  Well, you can with a naloxone kit. The opioid epidemic has affected many communities and families in Canada, and an opioid overdose can happen to anyone taking an opioid.  You are eligible for a free naloxone kit if you are a current opioid user, if you are a past opioid user and at risk of returning to opioid use, or if you are a family member or friend, or someone in a position who can help a person at risk of overdose from opioids.  

You might be asking what is naloxone and how does it work? Naloxone can save lives by temporarily blocking the effects of the overdose on the body.  Keep in mind, however, it doesn’t work for overdoses from alcohol or other kinds of substances.

Anyone taking an opioid can have an overdose even when using it properly.  Opioids can cause death by slowing or stopping breathing, leading to loss of consciousness or death.

Naloxone kits come in two forms – an injection and a nasal spray.   If you are eligible, speak with Intrepid Pharmacist Baris Huner, who can provide you with a free kit and training.

Baris Huner Intrepid Pharmacy

Written by Baris Huner, Pharmacist at Intrepid Pharmacy Oshawa

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